Books vs Films

This topic must come up in every household at least once a year.  Have you ever read a book and wished there was a film or even watched a film and wished there was a book? 

Book lovers will say the book is better than the film whereas film lovers will say the film is better than the book - really it is down to personal choice and your opinion. 

There have been notably many articles surrounding this topic and discussions in the media saying how different some films are to the books.  A key example being the Harry Potter series - many people will argue the books are a lot better than the film but is it not just down to how you imagine it as you are reading it? 


There is the same situation with The Hunger Games, an article by The Guardian says:

“The same thing happened with The Hunger Games. They got almost everything exactly right, but it still... it didn't have the same feel to it. The suspense and emotion just didn't project from page to the screen”

When reading the books we build this picture up in our head of what we imagine it to look like – we then watch the film and if it doesn’t link with the picture we have built because we are using our imagination. 

However, on the flip-side if you watched the film first and then read the book you already have this vision of what the book should build in your imagination. 

So I think the question is which do you prefer Books or Films? Or is it just down to how each person’s imagination is different? 

For me it is all down to the creative mind.