Spotlight on … the voice over – Part 1

Over the coming weeks we'll be demystifying the various stages involved in producing your TV or radio commercial as part of our 'Spotlight on ...' series. To get the ball rolling, let's talk voice overs.

Once you're happy that your radio commercial script or TV commercial storyboard contains everthing you want to tell your customers, who gets the job as your voice over? It's such an important decision because you're not just choosing someone to read your commercial out loud, they have to be the 'right fit'. By that, I mean their voice has to fit the style of your commercial and the image or brand of your business. Do you need a male voice or a female voice? Do they need to sound sophistciated or dynamic? Slow or fast? Will their voice sit well with the music? These  are all really important considerations for your commercial because how you sound as a business can be every bit as important as how you look.

There are literally hundreds of voice overs out there to choose from at the moment and one of the best voice overs on the circuit is Richard Cope. He is exceptionally good at a wide variety of styles and always keen to understand as much as he can about the business he's representing with his voice. We thought it might be interesting to hear how he got into voicing commercials and what he thinks makes a good voice over.


Voice Over Q & A - Richard Cope

How did you become a voice over?
I studied Media Production and Technology at College and after graduating got a job in radio commercial production writing and producing radio ads. From quite early on my boss asked me to do the odd voice over here and there. I loved it, and gradually did more and more over the years  until going full time in to voicing in 2014
What makes a good voice over when used on a TV or radio commercial?
A good voice over breathes life in to the script - be it dramatic, humorous, emotive, or even just an energetic used car sale ad - you have to make those words live, and engage your listener. They have to sound like your own words too. It's the art of reading without reading.
What do you like most about working with Redolution?
I've worked with the guys at Redolution for a long time and I feel we 'get' each other. They have very high production standards so it's very gratifying to hear or see the final result with your voice on it. I enjoy the variety I get with them too. One day it's a national radio ad for a big consumer brand, the next it's a safety instructional video for a blue-chip industrial corporation. 

A few commercials featuring Richard's voice

In the next 'Spotlight on ...', we'll be looking at music, the role it can play in your commercial, where to source it and how influencial it can be in how your customer perceives your business. Stay 'tuned'.