This Girl Can

I’m inspired by Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign on many levels. The whole idea of women doing their (sporting) thing regardless of how good they are at it and how they look when doing it is a good reminder that it’s OK to have a go, that sport is for everyone, and that even a little activity is better for us than none at all.
But the campaign also inspires me in the way it uses video. The way the films are shot, the use of language, the power of the music, and the impact of the imagery.
My personal favourite is the swimming video. As with all the videos in the campaign it features real women of all shapes and sizes. Speaking as a woman with well earned jiggly bits, the opening scene featuring the ‘knicker flick’ of the bikini bottoms is one I feel most women can instantly identify with. And based on the video’s 326,000 views I’m guessing others agree.