Changing work for good – are you ready?

Some very positive things have come out of the Covid19 crisis.

For many of us, we’ve had time to reflect on the way we do things and we’ve learned to adapt to new ways of working.  At redwigwam temporary workforce agency, they’ve always understood the value of flexible working and they’ve chosen this time of great change to share that wisdom – in their words, so they can support is us in “changing work for good”.

Based on their own concept, styling and self-penned script, their commercial is simple and to the point – so much so they have opted for the simplicity of black and white imagery.  Their commercial features their founder and CEO, Lorna Davidson, as she positively challenges us to make the change.  “Are you ready to make the change?”, she asks.

Shot in one location with a minimal crew – we were able to provide a cost effective solution for this adventure onto Sky’s AdSmart platform for their campaign.  For this one, we filmed it on Saturday 11th July, distributed to AdSmart from Sky on Wednesday 15th and it appeared on air by Friday 17th July.  Who says TV ads need to complex, time consuming and expensive?  They don’t.


Here’s the advert:

Cost-effective audio-visual content that’s built to look good and work well doesn’t have to come with an eye-watering investment. But it does have to work. Now that’s worth a chat, right?

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