Topical Conversation

TV advertising is often a good insight into the cultural talking points and touchstones of society, and with the event of Sky Adsmart, video on demand, and the powerful targeted advertising that comes with it, it can be more relevant and reactive than ever before. Natwest’s ‘This is how we do it’ and Starbuck’s ‘What’s your name’ adverts are perfect current examples of marketing that tap into the social psyche, simultaneously developing from the conversation, and hoping to evolve it.

The ever-present Corona virus has already affected the marketing we see and hear, with radio commercials and websites changing lines of text and voice to include flu-based jokes and puns or to promote that perfect working-from-home item, we can only imagine it is just a matter of time before we see the same change on a wider scale.

But when is a good time to talk about what’s going on? What exactly is the difference between a hot topic and a sensitive topic?

Short answer: there isn’t. Not really. It’s all about the positioning of your message, which is what a good TV commercial has always boiled down to: they identify a problem, state the solution and tell the viewers at home where to find it.

And at such a turbulent and seemingly random time, when a lot of people are unfortunately facing a lot of difficulties, and more people finding themselves closer to a TV screen than a few weeks ago, TV advertising is perfectly placed to help a lot of people.

So we know TV advertising isn’t going to slow down – and nor should it – the only question now is what new content will be airing tomorrow?

Cost-effective audio-visual content that’s built to look good and work well doesn’t have to come with an eye-watering investment. But it does have to work. Now that’s worth a chat, right?

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